Monday, April 19, 2010

It finally happened..

I've been promising new items for quite sometime now, and with Summer beanies are obviously not a necessary item. I have a friend who adores anything Mickey or Disney so she inspired this Mickey Mouse travel/beach tote. I think this is the largest crochet project I've taken on thus far. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. I made this bag large so that it would be the perfect size for taking on a Disney vacation, going to the beach, or even for taking to the gym. It's quite spacious on the inside and I included a small cell phone pocket.

I've yet to list this item because I've decided to give the original copy to my friend. Once I do list it I am going to also offer it in a smaller handbag size for those who want to have one for everyday use. I plan to have lots more purses, totes, cell holders, and ds/psp holders coming your way! :) I am working on a DS case as we speak, it's going to be super geeky and cute. I finally got it listed, if you'd like to buy one go here: shop!


Seelenfein... said...

Wooow, the bag is so amazing beautiful. I would be happy about the cute bag. Really. =)

Nice greets from Germany

Perfect Fit Crochet said...

Aww! Thanks so much, I'm really glad you like it! :)

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